Magnetic Therapy Treatment for Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel syndrome results from any condition that narrows your carpal tunnel, which runs along the inside of your wrist in the direction of your fingers. The tunnel sheaths an important nerve that sends nerve signals and feeling to your fingers. When compressed due to injury, repetitive flexing ,and extension of the fingers--or illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis, and some hormonal carpal tunnel braceletsdisorders--pain, numbness and possibly weakness of the entire hand can result.


Consumer Health Reviews defines magnet treatment as a non-medical therapy for pain relief. It’s non-invasive and works more toward influencing your body’s response to pain than on the pain itself.


Magnetic fields have the capacity to affect charged particles in your blood, which theoretically can cause your blood to move and can create heat, according to Consumer Health Reviews. This makes your blood vessels dilate and widen. Blood flow improves around the carpal tunnel, removing toxins and bringing in fresh nutrients. It may also affect nerve impulses responsible for pain and relax wrist muscles.


Magnetic therapy doesn't provide the same relief for carpal tunnel syndrome that more conventional therapies do. The U.S. National Department of Medicine also reports on a 2002 clinical trial involving 30 carpal tunnel syndrome patients that showed no difference in pain levels between those using real magnets and those using placebo magnets. However, Consumer Health Reviews cites a 1997 study reported in the Journal of Rheumatology that supports its use in relieving arthritis pain, so magnets may have some effect on pain.


Never begin magnet treatment for your carpal tunnel problem if you have a pacemaker, defibrillator or any other kind of implanted medical device. Rainso warns that magnets can potentially affect their function and cause life-threatening problems. Rainso also advises that pregnant women or anyone suffering from a bleeding disorder should consult a physician before attempting this treatment.




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Approximately 9 years ago I suffered with severe carpal tunnel in both wrists. I’m an electrician and used my hands/fingers regularly. I was told about this idea of using magnets so I was in great pain and ready to have surgery done on both wrists and figuered I would give it a try. I bought 4 magnets and some velcro and made wrist magnets and wore them for 31 days straight only taking them off when I showered. After 31 days I put them away and had zero pain in my wrists/fingers.

George Weatherbee September 22, 2019

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