Vintage Rainso Magnetic Bracelet

   magnetic bracelet

 Copper has a long history of use as therapy to some of the oldest civilizations for many years. The therapeutic benefits of copper to human health have been recognized throughout history since pre-Roman times and the copper bracelets were worn in by the Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks. People have worn copper jewelry such as bracelets, rings, and other accessories to help them relieve joint pain.
Copper bracelets are known to provide relief from joint stiffness. The most popular disease associated with this condition is arthritis. it is also claimed to reduce the pain associated with arthritis. Although the healing properties of copper are generally taken through one’s diet, it can also be absorbed into the skin while wearing magnetic bracelets. When the copper is absorbed by the skin, the beneficial properties would directly seep into the bloodstream. It is better than medical treatments because the bracelet can be worn continuously which offers continuous relief.


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