About the effect of magnetic field on the human body(P3)

Effects on blood:
The magnetic field can have an effect on the white blood cells in the blood, which is the change in the number of white blood cells. Under the action of a magnetic field of 430~510mT for 3 hours, the phagocytic ability of leukocytes was significantly enhanced in healthy people and patients with purulent infection. Under the action of a magnetic field of 400mT, the phagocytic ability of leukocytes in patients with blood liver decreased. Under the action of 3 hours, the cytotoxic activity of own white blood cells against cancer cells will increase. This has led some people to think that this can be used to treat liver cancer, and even that the stronger the magnetic field, the better the effect, but there is no solid scientific evidence for this.
The ability of blood to clot depends on the strength and duration of the magnetic field. Some scientists have done experiments. When a high-intensity constant magnetic field acts on the animal's head, the coagulation of the animal's blood will increase, and its fibrin activity will also increase. The long-term effect of the strong magnetic field can significantly slow down the speed of blood flow and can be used for internal hemostasis and regulation of blood circulation, so if you are injured or swollen, wearing some magnetic items will speed up the recovery, if you feel it will be troublesome to carry around, Try magnetic bracelets or other magnetic jewelry.

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