Can I wear a magnetic bracelet to sleep?

Many people say that wearing a magnetic bracelet can improve sleep quality and relieve symptoms of insomnia, but don't know why. Because the magnetic bracelet itself has a high magnetic field, it can improve melatonin through the magnetic field, and melatonin is closely related to your sleep quality. So instead of using sleeping pills or other drugs to promote sleep, it is better to wear a magnetic bracelet while sleeping. You'll also fall asleep faster, sleep better, and be safer. (Sleeping pills and the like can be harmful to the body)
Some people also have questions, will the magnetic bracelet affect the Apple Watch I wear? Most magnetic bracelet manufacturers will give a note not to wear a magnetic bracelet next to your watch, the reason is that the magnetism of some bracelets can affect the mechanical parts of the watch, and you will find that your watch will be a bit slower than the standard time. So it's best not to talk about wearing the magnet on the same hand as the Apple Watch because you're not sure if that will make a difference.
Overall, although not recommended in all situations, whether to wear it with the watch or to sleep is a personal choice, but the manufacturer's recommendations still need to be consulted.

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