Can the bracelet be worn on the foot?

    Sometimes you have a whim, can you put the bracelet on your foot? I have to say that this is a good idea, and it can be achieved, but not all bracelets can, and you will also find that most of your bracelets cannot be worn on your feet. Why is this so?
    First of all, let's distinguish the difference between the two. The difference between a bracelet and an anklet is that the bracelet is a jewelry worn on the wrist, and the anklet is worn on the ankle, and the sizes of the two are different. Generally anklets are slightly larger (longer, bigger, wider) than bracelets. You may wonder if you find a bracelet and an anklet in a certain store that look the same, because they are similar in design and style, so it is easy to confuse them.
    Next we will talk about the problem of size. The first is bracelets, although women's bracelets come in different sizes, most women's bracelets average between 6.5 and 8.5 inches. A 7.5" bracelet is the ideal bracelet size for many women. The second is the anklet. According to the data, most women's anklets are 25 cm or 9 inches long, but there are also women whose size is greater than 25 cm or less than 25 cm. (How to solve this part of women who are slightly larger or smaller, we will talk about it later.) So we need to determine the appropriate ankle size, measure the circumference, and add 0.5 to 0.75 inches on this basis to get an accurate fit .
   Generally speaking, the anklet is an extended version of the bracelet, so if your ankle is slightly smaller, you can directly buy the bracelet and wear it on your foot. On the contrary, if the anklet is slightly smaller for you, don't worry, just add a few more bracelets By linking or adding an extension chain, you can freely adjust the length to achieve a perfect fit, so if you have a matching tool, link or extension chain, you can choose according to your own needs, you can also wear it as a bracelet, or you can make it longer Wear as an anklet.

   Below is a video of the increase or decrease of the bracelet link.

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