How a man chooses the right jewelry for her lover

Jewelry is a woman's friend in a sense, and they all need a suitable piece of high-quality jewelry.
If a man needs to buy a beautiful piece of jewelry for his special lady, then you need to know the right size and type of jewelry for her. (Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings)
Buying a piece that doesn't fit the size and type will only lower your score in the other person's heart, so how does a man choose the right jewelry for his or her lover?
1. By buying jewelry she likes, not the jewelry she wears all the time
It's a tough question, most men focus on what their woman likes, but that's how it should be, but you shouldn't listen to her because she likes what she wears, yes it does sometimes, it's not always Not so. The jewelry she always wears is probably not her favorite, most of them are well-kept and treasured. You can use tricks like buying her jewelry that you want her to see her wearing, and that will give her a hint that a man will think that a woman will look good in this jewelry.
If you've been with her for a long time, you may know her well, but it's amazing that whenever you go shopping with her, she often sees her stopping by the roadside for a while to look at the products in the store through the window. At this time, you should pay attention to those products she looks at. Although she may not have bought them at the time, there is a high probability that women like the products. From her behavior, can't you be sure?
3. Add value and meaning to your jewelry
Jewelry with an emotion that is unique to two people is priceless. For example, it's your first trip to a certain place, and you need to buy some local jewelry to remind you of this wonderful time. This piece of jewelry doesn't have to be expensive, but the meaning behind it, money can't measure.
4. DIY jewelry for your lover
Or jewelry made of plants, vines, or other materials, made with your love, will not be cheap.
5. Listen
She will maintain a very subtle attitude towards the things she likes. You should pay more attention to his every move. She may remind you of her needs in daily words, so pay attention to it.

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