How do we measure the size of our wrist?

Many people will have a bracelet, but they will face a problem when choosing a bracelet. How width is their wrist and how to choose a suitable bracelet? Some people may retort that some of my jewelry store purchases do not need to be measured because the staff will help me measure them. Yes, this is correct, but we recommend you to ask the staff how width your wrist is when you place an order so that you can remember, because with the development of the Internet economy, the styles of bracelets are becoming more and more diverse, and many of them are It is through online shopping when you buy bracelets online, you know how important your wrist size is. Below we will share some simple tips for measuring your wrist size so that you can better choose the right bracelet.
1. Go directly to the jewelry store to measure
This is the most effective and direct method. We can go to the nearby jewelry store or some craft store and pretend that the customer said that he is here to buy a bracelet, and want to know what kind of bracelet is suitable for us. In this case, the staff will enthusiastically introduce various bracelets. You want to measure the size of your wrist, and you have to choose around the bracelet and wear it in kind to compare and obtain more accurate data.
2. Measure with a soft ruler
The measurement method of the soft ruler is not particularly accurate, because their error is relatively large, if the conditions do not allow it, this is a good measurement method. Use a soft rope to measure the circumference of the widest part of your hand and divide it by 3.14, then add 1~2mm to get the inner diameter of your bracelet. For example, the length you measure is 150mm, then 170/3.14+1~2=49~50mm.

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