How to correctly distinguish the true and false of stainless steel jewelry?

If you want to buy stainless steel jewelry, but don't know how to choose and judge whether it is made of stainless steel, our article can help you.

First of all, you can’t trust the jeweler unless you have tested and researched the products you need. Perhaps the jeweler is well-known and reputable in the industry, but this does not mean that what they sell must be true. After all, we still need to judge by ourselves. How do we ordinary people judge the authenticity?

Stainless steel is one of the most common metals around us, because it is used in almost every industry from electronic products to building materials and aerospace. It also contains many elements, such as chromium, titanium, nickel, carbon, copper, silicon, aluminum and silicon. Due to other components, stainless steel is destined to have magnetism, ductility, and most importantly, resistance to wear, corrosion, electricity and erosion. Understanding these will help us in the next test.

First, we can see through our glasses. If there is a specific number/code printed on it, you can judge that the jewelry you are holding or interested in is stainless steel. This code is usually a 4 digit code and can guide you to the type of stainless steel you have. (Using ASTM code system);Second, it can be judged by the color-stainless steel looks very shiny from the outside, with silver fractures.Third, it is the most obvious simple and effective test-using magnets. You need to glue the magnet to the jewelry you want. If the magnet sticks firmly to the jewelry, it is most likely stainless steel. If it does not stick or the stickiness is weak, it means that the jewelry you choose is not made of stainless steel but made of other metals, such as aluminum. However, this is not absolute. It needs to be divided into different circumstances. Under certain circumstances, stainless steel will also have a weak viscosity with magnetism. In this case, other tests need to be done.In another case, if it is made of austenitic stainless steel, many of these stainless steel jewelry are non-magnetic.Fourth, it can be judged by weight. Stainless steel jewelry is heavier than alloy jewelry and lighter than tungsten jewelry.Fifth, stainless steel jewelry will not rust. If you find rust first, it means that the jewelry has an oxidation reaction. You need to look at the color of the rust to determine which element.Sixth, you can pass the nitric acid test, drop a drop of nitric acid on the surface of the jewelry. If your jewelry does not change, then you know that you are dealing with real stainless steel; if it produces pungent fumes, it is non-stainless steel (this requires wearing a mask and Safety eyepieces, take safety measures)

The above methods are some reliable tests of stainless steel. Even if you cannot perform some methods based on real conditions, there are physical tests that can help you identify them.

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