Is buying jewelry a waste of money?

Some people think that buying jewelry is a complete waste of money and not very useful. But some people think that buying jewelry is not a waste of money.
It depends on the situation, so when is it worth buying jewelry? A good piece of jewelry can make your dress and appearance to a higher level and enhance your charm. When attending some important occasions (such as banquets, exchanges, weddings), a good-looking and high-quality jewelry is a must Less, the first impression is very important. Maybe your first impression of jewelry has already made a lasting impression on the opposite sex. In the future, he may pursue you because of this impression, and even in the end you may be together. You can also see what type of person you are from the jewelry. People with the same taste will take the initiative to chat with you at parties, and maybe the other party can help your career. Looking at jewelry/jewelry from this perspective, buying is definitely not a waste of money, but a risky investment, and for women, women's nature is to love beauty, and beautiful things are nothing worthwhile. But that's not the only reason we don't think buying jewelry isn't a waste of money.
Because you buy good and bad jewelry, you won't waste money if you buy high-quality jewelry made of precious metals such as gold. If stored properly, they can still sell for good prices after many years, even higher than when they were bought, and can be passed on as family heirlooms to children and grandchildren. There are other situations where you don't waste money: 1. Jewelry gifts for family or family friends. 2. Wedding jewelry.
When is buying jewelry a waste of money? The most obvious feature is to buy good-looking ones. Many people make impulse purchases because their senses are stimulated. Some jewelry is really beautiful in appearance, but the quality may not be very good and the color may change after a few wears; And buy Jewelry and compare whose jewelry Is better , it is a pointless waste of money.

Finally, to make sure you don't feel bad about wasting money on jewelry, be sure to choose quality jewelry that is valuable and useful.
Many people may wonder what is useful jewelry? They are called functional jewelry, especially magnetic jewelry and copper jewelry.
These two kinds of jewelry have a positive effect on human health. For details, please refer to:
You will find the answer in these articles, and as far as I know, this kind of jewelry is not very expensive. If it is really effective for arthritis and other problems, it will take dozens of dollars to buy a wristband to go to the hospital to see arthritis (it will take a long time), which will be more cost-effective, I guess you will understand.

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