Method of silver plating to prevent discoloration

Silver jewelry is durable, light and suitable for any occasion. Most importantly, although it is considered a precious metal, it is relatively easy to obtain. If you want high-quality jewelry, it is always a popular choice compared to gold.

Tips :

  1. Apply a layer of nail polish on your silver jewelry as a protective film to protect it from air, water and corrosive substances. But after a long time, you need to clean the jewelry and reapply a layer of nail polish.
  2. Another convenient technique is to use a protective clear coat spray. There are many of them on the market. Some are just to protect your silver jewelry. A good spray can protect your skin from irritation or allergies. It depends on personal choice, but the spray will not last forever. You need to re-spray after a period of time. .
  3. Paint:This is another excellent product, usually used as a wood veneer, but provides a good protection for your silver. Before painting, be sure to keep the surface of silver jewelry clean and free of dirt. Under normal circumstances, if you keep your jewelry properly, lacquer can protect your jewelry for more than two years or even longer.
  4. Plating:This is another good way to protect your silver jewelry for a long time. Electroplating will act on the metal surface to form a layer of plating. This coating is resistant to corrosion and discoloration, and can also maintain and enhance the silver-white appearance of jewelry.

Conclusion: Even if you want to use these methods, you have to make other preparations to protect your jewelry. For example, keep it properly and keep it away from corrosive substances.

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