Some Reasons Not To Wear Jewelry

Not everyone likes jewelry, so you will see some people wearing a lot of jewelry and some people wearing nothing at all. That's why we'd like to share with you some general opinions on why some people hate wearing jewelry. What is the reason?
1. Personal like
Although some people like to decorate themselves with all kinds of jewelry to make themselves more beautiful and temperamental, some people just don't like it, usually because there is no reason to wear them, they are not interested in wearing jewelry, and it has no effect on them.
2. Physical problems
A small number of people who are allergic to metals will stay away from jewelry. Although some jewelry will not have an irritating reaction to the body, they may have been affected by allergic reactions in the past. Maybe the subconscious will resist these and hate wearing jewelry.
3. Economic issues
It may also be because of economic problems, between life and decorating yourself, choose the former, after all, even life is a problem, how can you think about buying jewelry? Buying jewelry will not play an important role in life now, and it may still be a burden.
4. Comfort
Some people have worn them before, and there is no overreaction, but they just feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable wearing necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other jewelry.
5. Appearance
Some will buy jewelry, but it is difficult to pick the one they like, which is related to personal aesthetics.
6. Religion
Some religions do not allow jewelry.
7. Safety
For some types of work, wearing jewelry will affect the work, such as forest rangers and farmers. Some expensive jewelry, and even attract some gangsters (which threatens personal safety)
8. Functionality
Some people are pragmatic and feel that jewelry has no effect except for beauty, and will not have a positive effect on their own lives. But this is too one-sided, some jewelry are functional jewelry, such as magnetic bracelets, copper bracelets. These bracelets have a positive effect on the human body, relieving pain, decompressing, promoting blood circulation, etc. For details, please refer to:

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