Some Tips for Buying Rose Gold Jewelry

If you're considering buying rose gold jewelry, chances are it matches your skin tone and is stylish and rose gold has a regal style. If you want to buy, of course, start with high-quality jewelry, because some rose gold jewelry is gold-plated and contains some chemicals, especially metals such as nickel, which can easily cause allergic reactions and skin irritation. But the best quality rose gold jewelry is free of any nickel, but most rose gold jewelry will, depending on how the jewelry was cast.
Rose gold is an alloy made of pure gold. Due to the properties of pure gold, it cannot be used in jewelry but can be mixed with other metals to enhance the hardness of pure gold. However, this process can cause some changes in gold.
Rose gold is gold with a certain proportion of copper and silver added. Most of the market uses 58.3% or 75% pure gold mixed with 23% copper. The rest is silver and zinc, and there may even be nickel. Depending on the copper added, the resulting rose gold color will be more pronounced. In nickel-containing rose gold, the nickel content is probably more than 10%, which can easily cause allergic and irritating reactions. (18 rose gold contains weak nickel, 14k rose gold will be very high)
So how to avoid buying rose gold jewelry with high nickel element? 1. Buy carat high rose gold, usually with low nickel elements; 2. Consult the staff to buy nickel-free rose gold; 3. Buy from a reputable and quality jeweler.

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