What are the disadvantages of wearing rusty jewelry?

Wearing jewelry will inevitably encounter a problem. What should you do if it rusts? Even if your jewelry rusts, should you continue to wear it? What happens when you wear rusty jewelry? What are the maintenance methods?
Generally speaking, rusty jewelry is bad for the human body. Although it will not cause cancer unless the original material is radioactive material. Jewelry can also cause infections such as tetanus. This means that if the rusty debris cuts your skin, you need to go to the hospital for treatment at this time.
Tetanus is not caused by rust, and if the rusty material contains bacteria, the chance of symptoms will greatly increase. Therefore, if your jewelry rusts, you may need to stop wearing them or clean your jewelry. If you have foresight, you will carry out long-term maintenance of your jewelry, so the jewelry will not even have the chance of rust.
The rust of jewelry depends on the material. The rust is caused by the oxidation reaction of metal elements with oxygen in the air. The most intense reaction with oxygen, the easier it is to rust, such as iron and aluminum. Some are anaerobic, such as gold. There is no need to worry about rusting in gold jewelry. But all your jewelry may not be all made of anaerobic materials, and some of them may rust. At this time, we need to do long-term maintenance.
How to prevent the jewelry from rusting? 1. Prevent the jewelry from getting damp, and try to avoid letting the jewelry come into contact with water, whether it is freshwater or seawater; 2. Keep it properly, put the jewelry in a dry box or container or put it in a tape that is drained of air; 3 if you do not touch it Keep it in a dry box with water, and you can’t rest assured. You also need to clean the jewelry occasionally and use a cleaning solution that specializes in cleaning jewelry.
At best, it is unwise and unsafe to wear rusty jewelry. If you do not discard it and it is of great significance to you, please use it properly and preserve it for a long time.

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