What to watch out for with magnetic bracelets

   We don’t need to say more about the benefits of magnetic bracelets, we must all know about them. For those who don't understand, please refer to: https://www.rainso.com/blogs/news/there-are-5-health-benefits-of-wearing-magnetic-therapy-jewelry.
   But nothing is completely harmless in the world, and magnetic bracelets are no exception. The magnetic therapy bracelet has a certain magnetic field. Generally speaking, a low magnetic field will not cause any harm to the body, but if you buy a low-quality magnetic bracelet, it may have a certain impact on the body. Some patients also need to pay attention, such as patients with pacemakers,defibrillators, and frequent insulin injections, who can not wear magnetic bracelets.
   There are many electronic products for young people nowadays, such as earphones, mobile phones, electronic watches, etc. The magnetic field has an impact on them, but it is not very large, as long as direct contact is avoided.

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