Why does my neck hurt when wearing a necklace?

A necklace is a type of jewelry that enhances your temperament when worn. They are versatile. They come in different colors, designs, sizes, and more. From luxe and unique to simple plain chains, it all depends on preference, but sometimes you can experience neck pain when wearing necklaces, so we'll talk about why.
Nickel allergy is a type of skin allergy associated with jewelry. The specific reaction is that if your neck is swollen, rash, itchy, and irritated after wearing the necklace, it is very likely that the necklace contains too much nickel. Because nickel is present in many alloys, the irritation may be an allergic reaction to nickel. In the case of allergy medicine, timely treatment can prevent the skin from further infection and deterioration.
There is also human skin allergy sensitivity. Although allergy is a reaction between the skin and certain elements, skin sensitivity involves the reaction of the skin, and it is easy to react to a variety of things. To determine if your skin is sensitive, you will notice that it is irritable and reacts easily. In most cases, you will experience tingling or itching. Different people with sensitive skin are triggered by different things. So, there may be something in the necklace, not necessarily nickel, maybe some other metal element. There is also a kind of constitution that is particularly sensitive to metal, which means that it is very easy to be stimulated by metal jewelry. It is recommended to avoid wearing jewelry as much as possible.
All of the above does not mean that the necklace cannot be worn, it is only a small part, but it does not mean that such things will never happen to me. Therefore, there are corresponding solutions: 1. Try to use high-quality jewelry or high-end jewelry, and avoid using cheap or fake ones; 2. Wear hypoallergenic jewelry, such as stainless steel jewelry; 3. If you are not sure about your physical condition, you can consult a dermatologist 4. People who are completely sensitive to metals can choose wood and fabric jewelry.
Speaking of which, it's not necessarily the negative effects (allergies) that the neck reacts to. There's also the fact that you're wearing a copper magnetic necklace. They do this. They can promote blood circulation, relieve arthritis pain, improve sleep, and more. Other effects can be seen:
Therefore, the copper magnetic necklace is very suitable for people who work in the office, because they stare at the computer or other things for a long time, their necks do not have good activities, and they are prone to cervical spondylosis.

In summary; in addition to nickel allergies, some people are allergic to other metals, including gold, so everyone's reasons for irritating jewelry are different. It is important to know your skin. First determine if you may have a nickel allergy, metal sensitivity, or sensitive skin. This knowledge will then guide you on which type of necklace to buy or whether to give up wearing it entirely. If you have a reaction when you wear a necklace, make sure what material it is and whether it is copper magnets. Copper magnet necklaces have positive effects. There is also a possibility of hurting the neck, that is, wearing jewelry that is too heavy.

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