Will the copper magnetic bracelet make me allergic?

Some people have heard of the role of copper magnetic bracelets, and they want to buy one for their own use, but they have not bought it for a long time. Why? It turns out that they have allergic reactions and are afraid that they won't be able to buy them.

Is copper hypoallergenic?----Most people know that copper can turn green when oxidized. If worn on the hand, the metal may react with substances on the skin. It could be your sweat, lotion or other chemicals. Therefore, copper is likely to react to humans, but it does not cause allergic reactions such as rashes, but causes a chemical reaction on the skin, which is normal. Under normal circumstances, your skin is a bit acidic.

Is the copper magnetic bracelet safe?--Under normal circumstances, a copper magnetic bracelet is very safe, but if you avoid the skin from turning green, you can paint the outer layer of the bracelet, but this will be a little troublesome. In fact, the skin turns green and it is easy to clean. It depends on your choice.

Advantages and disadvantages of copper magnetic bracelet--Advantages: Copper is one of the durable metals with light weight and corrosion resistance. Based on these characteristics, there are many copper jewelry on the market, plus copper reserves and easy mining. Compared with steel jewelry and plastics, copper processing is more environmentally friendly than the;.shortcoming:When exposed to acidic conditions, copper will lose its luster and make your skin green. (As mentioned above) Copper loses its luster because it is not constant, it loses its luster over time. As mentioned above, copper is very durable, but it does not mean that it is high in hardness. On the contrary, it is easy to be damaged. This needs to be properly kept.

Some people may wonder why magnetic elements are added to the copper bracelet. Does this have any effect?

For details, you can refer to this article:https://www.rainso.com/blogs/article/what-do-magnetic-bracelets-work

Finally, whether it is a new, non-corrosive copper magnetic bracelet, or when it does rust over time, there are many things to like and use, and it is a jewelry with very good practicality.

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