Will wearing a magnet have any adverse effects on me?

With the development of science, there are more fields of magnet application, such as TV series, refrigerators, earphones and medical use. But there is still a question: does it affect us in the end? Yes, it can be harmful, depending on the strength and size of the magnetic field.
The earth itself is a large magnetic field. Although we are affected by many magnetic fields every day, what if we wear it closely? We will discuss these issues later.
Low-magnetism magnets are harmless, and high-magnetism magnets are harmful, and there is a limit. Magnets above 4000 gauss are unsafe, and below 4000 gauss is very safe. But there will always be people who think magnets are harmful and will hurt their bodies. In fact, according to some reports, the TV you watch every day affects our bodies only one-fifth of what the Earth's magnetic field does to us.
So how do magnets affect our bodies? Some people say that the magnets are attractive to each other and can be easily pinched; if swallowing the magnets, it is likely to cause death, but this seems a little funny, and normal people should easily avoid this from happening. The main effect is that we have a magnetic field. Will wearing a magnet disrupt our magnetic field and cause some problems?
Magnetic field therapy is based on this principle. If the magnetic field of our body is affected by the external magnetic field, then we can adjust our body in a favorable direction by applying a certain external magnetic field. Of course, the magnetic strength must be lower than 4000 Gauss. When we approach or wear magnetic objects for a long time, we will be subtly affected. For example, some back pain, foot pain, shoulder pain, arthritis, etc., can be treated and relieved in this way. And for people with long-term insomnia, wearing some magnetic products will gradually improve their sleep quality (specifically, the previous magnetic field was always insomnia. If we change our own magnetic field, will insomnia gradually disappear?) But this The method is not effective for everyone, some people have no response, and some people think it is very effective, but if you really have any pain problems, it is recommended to try wearing some magnetic products. Such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces these easy-to-carry jewelry. After all, the cost of buying these is far less than your going to the hospital to take medicine. However, there are also groups of people that should never be worn: people with pacemakers, people with diabetes, and pregnant women.

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