About the effect of magnetic field on the human body (P1)

As we all know, the earth itself is a huge magnetic field, but what effect does this large magnetic field have on us? If the human body follows the north-south direction of the earth's magnetic field for a long time, the human organs can be ordered, thereby producing a biological magnetization effect, strengthening the bioelectricity, and the human organs can be adjusted and strengthened, thus having a positive effect on the human body. The specific effects have effects on the nervous system, endocrine system, blood, blood pressure, skin and muscles.
Let's first talk about the effect of magnetic fields on blood pressure and skin and muscles;
The effect of magnetic field on blood pressure: The human body contains many cells, among which red blood cells do circular motion under the influence of the magnetic field, so the sedimentation is slowed down. The reason is that the content of these two is too high), so the ratio of phospholipids is increased and blood lipids are reduced. The magnetic field acts on the meridian points of the human body to optimize the function of blood vessels. Reduce the resistance around blood vessels, so that the body's microcirculation ability is strengthened, thereby reducing blood pressure.
The effect of magnetic field on skin and muscles: promote blood circulation, improve muscle atrophy, and also have a certain effect on dry skin, itching, and allergies.
After we understand the role of the magnetic field, everyone will have a certain concept in their hearts, but they may also ask me that I also want to use the magnetic field to improve my physical condition, but I can't carry magnets or magnets all day long, and it is easy to lose them. There is no need to worry too much about this. There are many such magnetic products. If it is the most convenient, it should be magnetic jewelry. It can both have an effect on the body. It can also be worn as jewelry to improve your temperament without much interference to daily life. You can even buy it in a targeted manner. If you have other problems such as wrist, elbow, and shoulder pain, you can choose a magnetic bracelet;

if you have other problems such as swelling of your ankle, thigh, or calf, you can use a magnetic anklet.

Of course, there are other magnetic jewelry, which should be applied according to their actual situation.

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