Brass and stainless steel jewelry (differences and advantages and disadvantages)

Brass is an alloy, much like pure silver and gold. It is a combination of copper and zinc. What makes brass aesthetically pleasing is its yellow and warm color. It has a wide range of uses, not only for making jewelry, but also for making decorations and household items. The stainless steel is made of standard 10% chromium and titanium, niobium, molybdenum, nickel and other metals. It has elasticity and durability, so it is also suitable for jewelry making, because durability is an important factor, but the quality of stainless steel depends on The content of various metals accounts for the proportion, so its quality is good or bad.

Advantages and disadvantages of brass jewelry


  • The color of brass is a bit close to that of gold and can be used as a substitute for gold
  • High fault tolerance rate, it can be used in jewelry to do some complicated designs
  • Good durability, proper maintenance and cleaning (easy to clean), can be used for a long time
  • Copper properties have a positive effect on the human body. It is said that wearing copper jewelry for a long time will imperceptibly have a medical effect on the body.



  • It is not suitable to wear fresh piercings, which may cause allergies
  • Copper is easy to oxidize to form green embroidery, which will make some people's skin greenGood durability, proper maintenance and cleaning (easy to clean), can be used for a long time



Advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel jewelry


  • Not easy to rust, not easy to change color, not easy to oxidize
  • Strong durability and high hardness
  • Low sensitivity, very suitable for allergic physique
  • Easy to clean


  • Stainless steel contains nickel, which may irritate the skin too early



Aiming at the advantages and disadvantages of brass jewelry and stainless steel, choose the jewelry that suits your eyes and achieve the best cost performance.

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