Origin of Rainso

Rainso is a jewelry brand that has been in the field of magnetic bracelets for over 20 years. In the magnetic bracelet industry, they are one of the best in the business. The birth of Rainso is a wonderful story.
The protagonist of the story is Rain. Rain just graduated from college and worked hard. At that time, she never thought that she would become the general manager of a well-known company. At that time, she just wanted to work hard and buy a house in a first-tier city as soon as possible. And, Rain is very capable. In just a few years, she has established a firm foothold in the company and achieved the goal - to buy a house and live in a first-tier city. In the following years, Rain's comprehensive capabilities continued to improve, and the company's business continued to expand, but Rain still had no idea of ​​starting a company at this time. Until Rain once went to Hong Kong to meet an old client to discuss some business, some of which required company endorsement, and the procedures were cumbersome. The client suggested to Rain that it is better for you to register the company here so that you don't have to go both ways and save time. This guest is also very interesting, usually, it takes time to think about it, but he actually dragged Rain to register the company after saying those words. Rain registered the company without any preparation. At that time, Rain just wanted to register a company, and actually didn't need to start a company, but the guests often reminded Rain to do a good job in the company and taught Rain how to run the company. In this way, Rain has changed from an employee who does not understand business operations to an excellent company leader who often imparts management experience with other companies. All of this is both accidental and inevitable. Rain also said later that I started the company purely by accident, and there is no other reason.

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